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Faces 4 Autism Blue Wonderland Surf Wax

Faces 4 Autism Blue Wonderland Surf Wax

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A special collaboration between Matunas Organic Surf Wax, and Faces 4 Autism, a non-profit organization dedicated to education and support of children with Autism and their families.

For every bar sold, $1.50 is donated to Faces 4 Autism.

This is a great charity doing some amazing work, plus you'll be stoked on the Blue Wonderland wax. It's a limited release, premium blend that our friends at Matunas whipped up just for this fundraiser. And like all Matunas wax, it's made with only all organic ingredients right here in California.

Thanks for supporting this awesome charity and for helping the planet by buying organic. You rock.


  • Cool/Cold: 67ºF and below
  • Warm/Tropical: 67ºF and above
  • With Wax Holder (includes wax)
  • With Surf Kit (Clutch bag with all contents- organic sunscreen, lip balm, wax, and surf scraper)

About Faces for Autism:

“FACES 4 Autism supports children, teens and adults on the autism spectrum and those who love them. FACES provides autism education and resources to families and educators in the South Jersey area. We are dedicated to improving the lives of individuals on the spectrum through social opportunities and programs that will foster self advocacy, independence and dignity.”

About Blue Wonderland:

Blue Wonderland is a community/movement created by Alex Corson in 2018  
to promote the positive effects surfing has on everyone. It was also  
created to call on people to do positive things in their communities,  
in and out of the water. The Blue Wonderland community consists of  
everyday people, surfers, skateboarders, artists, and stoke purveyors.

To Alex, Blue Wonderland is a place where people can let go and be  
themselves, surrounded by blue waters and blue skies. As Bohdi said it  
best, “It’s where you lose yourself and find yourself.”


Alex Corson, age 19, is an autistic young adult living in the Jersey  
Shore. Prior to his surfer days, he was struggling with identity and  
what he really wanted to be. At the age of 17, a childhood friend  
introduced Alex to Ben Gravy, who introduced him the sport of surfing.  
It was that moment that changed his life forever. In the summer of  
2017, he gave surfing a chance. As the result, he was hooked.

Alex became inspired to become a stoke purveyor for the Blue  
Wonderland nation he created and an ambassador for the autism  
community with the charity FAces4Austism,  
He wants to pass the stoke for living on to everyone, as Alex always  
says, “The stoke is on, and it always will be.”

About Matunas:

Matunas is the original, all organic surf wax, made fresh from locally sourced ingredients on their 25 acre farm in Santa Cruz, California. 

This stuff provides great grip, and is completely eco friendly and biodegradable. It's  non-soy based, and the fragrances are from real strawberries, raspberries, and jasmine flowers. 

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