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  • It takes some time to list all these bad boys and gals individually, so here's a quick vid. We also listed the quiver below:

Shaper Board Size
Album Twinsman 5'11
Album Plasmic 6'0
album Moonstone Twin 6'8
Album Twinsman 5'8
Alex Knost BMT Needle Single Fin 6'9
Alex Knost BMT Single Fin 7'0
Almond Pleasant Pheasant 6'4
Almond Survey 5'8
Almond Surf Thump 9'2
Andreini Vaquero 6'10
Andreini Serena 6'8
Bing Bing Fish 5'3
Bing Pintail 9'6
Bing Dart 5'10
Bing Dharma 6'6
Chris Christenson Ocean Racer 5'6
Chris Christenson Custom Thruster 5'9
Chris Christenson Gerr Thruster 5'8
Chris Christenson Hole shot 5'6
Chris Christenson Ocean racer 4'10
Chris Christenson Mescaline  5'8
Chris Christenson Ultra Tracker 7'6
Chris Christenson Custom Quad Midlength  7'2
Chris Ruddy Longboard  9'2
David Suhadolnik Twin Fin Bat Tail 5'8
Fletcher Chournard Juevos Ranchero 6'8
Grain Cutwater (Wood) 9'6
Jim Phillips Custom Noserider 9'4
Joel Tudor Good Karma 6'0
Josh hall Custom Fish  
Kurtis Woodin One Love  9'2"
Kurtis Woodin One Love  9'4"
Kurtis Woodin Grateful Sled 9'6" 
Kurtis Woodin Voodoo Child   7'2"
Kurtis Woodin Black Betty Twin  6'10" 
Kurtis Woodin Sultan  6'8"
Kurtis Woodin Hey Joe Thruster 5'10
Kurtis Woodin Custom Little Wing Diamond Tail   5'8" 
Kurtis Woodin Ziggy Star Fish (We're giving this board away to a visitor on May 7th)  
Kurtis Woodin Hip Stick (Mini Simmons) 5'5" 
Kurtis Woodin BlackBetty 5'10
Lovelace Piggyback Fish 5'10
Madala Clandestino 7'2
Mandala Stubbie 6’2
Mandala Fish 5'4"
McCallum Quad Speed Egg 6'6"
McCallum Custom Quad 5'6
Mitsven Mitsven Fish Gen 3 Quad 6'0
Mitsven Quad Mini Simmons 5'10
Neal Purchase Jr 2+1  
Takayama Howard mini 6'10
Tyler Warren Quadratic Egg 6'6"
Tyler Warren Custom 2+trailer / twin fin 5'10
Tyler Warren Fish 5'6
Wegener Quad fish 5'10
Wegener Long Fish 7'6
Zach Flores Parrot Fish 5'3"

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