Our Mission: Social Entrepreneurship & Who We've Donated To

Our Mission: Social Entrepreneurship & Who We've Donated To

Each year we give back to the communities that support us. We also give to organizations that are making a difference in the world.  

Moving forward, we will be expanding our commitment to social causes. We want you to know that every purchase you make will be dedicated to some form of giving back. That's right, every product on our website will now have a portion of the sales go directly to a dedicated charity.

We will be choosing which non-profits to support over the next few weeks and will highlight these charities on the product pages. If you want to suggest your favorite charity, please email dustin@westpath.com .

Below is a list of organizations we've donated to over the past year.  Check them out, we think they're great!


Kiva - providing micro-loans to entrepreneurs in developing countries so people can work their way out of poverty and into a better life
Kiva - Providing loans so people can WORK their way out of poverty


The Trevor Project - Suicide prevention for LGBTQ youth
The Trevor Project - suicide prevention for LGBTQ youth


Iglesia Bautista de Rosarito: Christmas Presents for the children of the Church (video coming soon)


A Walk on Water - Surf therapy for individuals with special needs
A walk on Water - Surf Therapy (love them!...from West Path)


University of California - Education - helping with financial scholarships to lower income students
University of CALifornia - supported by West Path :)


Santa Barbara Vieja Valley Elementary PTA - Gala auction fundraiser with some proceeds going to cover the cost of school camp for low-income youth
Support your local PTA


San Diego Surf Film Festival* - Surf art festival in San Diego   *(not an NPO, but supporting The Arts is important)
san diego surf film festival - west path board bag & poncho donations

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