Your Impact

Your Impact

Fair Trade Certified Organic

Thanks for making 2018 such a success! West Path has grown quite a bit this past year, and we’re stoked that we were able to grow our social impact along with our business.

But this couldn’t have happened without you!

Your purchases have had a big impact by helping fund our partner charities. A portion of every one of your orders is donated to organizations that are pushing our world in a better direction - doing things such as providing clean drinking water to small villages in Indonesia, to saving sea turtles at your favorite surf break in Central America, or providing homeless veterans with blankets in wintry New England.  All of this is a direct result of your purchases.

Also, you've been making an impact by supporting the sustainability movement. By buying goods that come from an ethical supply chain (such as one of our Fair Trade Certified products) you are validating a business model that puts workers and the environment above pure profits. This means you’re creating jobs that pay factory workers an actual living wage, and you’re helping to protect the environment from literally tons unnecessary pollutants.

All of this adds up to a big impact, and without you as our customer, none of it could happen.  We can’t thank you enough for helping to drive this change in the industry and by supporting our mission and passion of doing business in an ethical and sustainable way.

Thanks for reading, and here’s to another year of making an impact,

~ Dustin

CEO & Co-Founder

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  • Karsten Wiegers

    Hey there, I would love to order 3 Surf Changing Robes. Would you also ship to berlin Germany, All best karsten.

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