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By sourcing our products ethically, and giving back what we can, we aim to create a company
that has a positive impact in the communities it's engaged with.
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These companies and products donate a portion of their time or profits to charitable efforts in their community or abroad.

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Handmade & Ethically Sourced

Made by hand using quality materials, distinctive techniques and produced in small quantities.

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Organic Cotton

When you purchase organic cotton products you are investing in water conservation, cleaner air, better soil, and farmer livelihoods in addition to social and economic benefits.

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Products are made with earth-friendly or recycled materials

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Certifications + Standards

G.O.T.S™. Certified Organic Cotton

GOTS prohibits the use of toxic chemicals during processing and includes strong labor provisions to protect and empower workers.


Fair Trade Certified

When you choose fair trade products, you are a part of the movement that promotes and support sustainability throughout the supply chain.

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